Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunscreen Protect Your Healthy Skin Cells from Damages

wanitaindonesia-ifs - Protect your skin with a sunscreen from free radicals due to direct exposure to UVA can damage millions of healthy cells in the epidermal layer.

Exposure to ultraviolet A (UVA) is bad for the skin. Especially for those who move outside the room from 09:00 until 15:00. Free radicals from UV rays can damage millions of healthy cells in the epidermal layer.

UVA exposure is unavoidable, the free radicals was not easily eradicated, but you can counteract the attacks that harm the skin with proper care. The simplest steps to protect the skin from adverse effects of free radicals is the routine use of moisturizers and sunscreens.

Moisturizer with an SPF does not necessarily protect the skin completely, because its main function is to moisturize. Skin protection from UV exposure obtained from sunscreens containing PA + + is used after using a moisturizer.

90 percent of skin damage is the impact from effects of exposure to UVA rays. This is why regular application of sunscreen becomes important and key to skin care. If not using a sunscreen, aging even more rapidly emerged. The sign of black spots appear on the face, the skin is dehydrated, it looks dull and the texture becomes more coarse.

The use of sunscreen can protect skin from free radicals that can damage millions of healthy cells in the skin layer of the epidermis. When healthy cells are damaged, cell regeneration capability will be weakened. We recommend using sunscreen as the final stage of a daily skin care ritual, after cleansing and moisturizing facial. "Wear sunscreen 15-20 minutes before outdoor activities.

Lack of Social Relationship Can Worsen Your Health

wanitaindonesia-ifs - Social relationships influence the physical condition of the person concerned. According to the editor of Scientific American Mind, Ingrid Wickelgren, Tuesday (24/4), the heart pain arising in social relations or the physical pain associated with the brain called the anterior cortex singulat.

This means that the heart pains affects the physical condition of. The study, published earlier this year showed, the social ties built with family and friends reduce the risk of death in young women with breast cancer and improve the vitality of postoperative cardiac patients. Conversely, lack of social relationships can exacerbate health conditions.

This is obtained from data analysis 148 studies involving 4775 people Alameda County, San Francisco, USA, in 2010. Respondents were asked their social relationships, such as marital status, relationships with family and friends, or affiliation with any particular group.

Team of researchers examined the medical history of respondents for 9 years later. The result, those who have a low index of social networking at risk of dying two times higher than that have a high index of social networking.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You Dream Theater for a Dramatic Rock Concert in Indonesia - Jakarta - On Saturday, April 21, 2012, to coincide with Kartini, Indonesia surging again with Rock music the grand event, by presenting the legendary music group Dream Theater.

Music concert entitled: "A Dramatic Tour of Events" capable of anesthetize and thrilling the fans at the International Stadium Eagle Eye (Meis).

As its title suggests, this concert truly Dramatic, quality sound system that was remarkable, with onstage lights add a excitement concert.

Thank you Dream Theater for the greates Rock Concert Event in Indonesia this year, you guys are wonderfull, you've made pull us under on our Metropolis City Jakarta, Breaking all our Illusions,  and Keep our Spirits to Carries On

Here are some videos recorded and uploaded directly via youtube :

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