Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 Fashion Must Haves For Summer 09

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It is no secret that we are going through one of the toughest recessions that the U.S. has seen in a long time. With that in mind, great fashion can still be attained. You are responsible and can create your own fashion. The summer trends of 09' are full of lively color. The mood of the country is reflecting progression and looking towards a brighter future. It is amazing, to me, just how impactful fashion can be on a society. Another aspect of the year is comfortability, yet still being stylish. Below you will see a list of the summer's 5 fashion must haves:

1) Gold accessories.
Gold is back. Over the last few years, wearing gold accessories had been replaced by silver and platinum accessories. Now we are making this shift back to gold and the importance of gold and how it can accentuate what you wear. Everything from gold earrings, chains and ankle bracelets are being seen now. Now that the color yellow is the hot color of the season, adding some great gold accessories would be a sure-fire way to get your fashion mojo going.

2) Long printed dress.
If you haven't noticed, just about everyone is wearing beautiful, colorful, long-printed dresses. Not only are they comfortable, and all the rage of the season, but they can add a sense of sophistication to any girl. Just about every fashion retail store has some style of this type dress. Some are strapless and flare out at the ends, while others can be monotone, yet form-fitting. It should be an easy find and at an affordable price.

3) One piece bathing suit.
The one piece bathing suit is more popular than ever now. You don't have to be in a bikini or a size 0 to get the attention this summer. If you notice, one piece bikini's are becoming more and more sexier, yet still leaving something to the imagination. Nowadays, bathing suits are more about style and fashion than for their original function. Go to a local retail store and you should be able to find a one-piece to accentuate your curves.

4) The White Pants.
You may think to yourself that you are not good with white. Neither am I, but white pants are great for picnics and they go with every color. Yes, they can get dirty easily, but they make for a great fashion forward statement for this summer. Wearing this with a ruffled top, which is hot this season, is a great way to get your summer day going.

5)Gladiator Sandals.
Yes! That is right. Gladiator sandals are popular this summer. Not only are they comfortable, but they can go with just about any outfit and you can get them in different colors. They have an adjustable, ankle strap and go with skirts, shorts, and mini-dresses.

If you have these 5 must haves of this summer season, you will be set for the summer. There will be no stopping your fashion style, and you can make it uniquely your own. Fashion trends are created and it is easy to keep up with by watching television, paying attention to what is being sold in stores, or following a great blog or fashion newsletter.

Article was written by Angie Michelle

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