Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do You Have Allergy?

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Allergy arises if immune system gives excessive reaction to substances that usually not generate problem to most people. Allergy disease is known as modern epidemic. In sub-tropical climate countries more than 20% of their resident endure ‘hay fever’, asthma or eksema atopik. However, hay fever is most common than any others.

Hay fever is caused by pollen allergen. The main symptom is itchy nose, sneezes, itchy-watered eye and clogged-up nose. Though this symptoms usually do not threaten one’s soul, patient experiences of degradation in the quality of their everyday life.

Avoid allergen, for example by using tiling floor and not carpet, this way is frequently be useful. Drugs that can be given to the patient including antihistamin tablet, eye drip medicine, intra-nasal kortikosteroid and oral steroid. Immune therapy can be applied for patient that can not be cured completely by using any medicines mentioned above.

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