Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tips on How to Cure a Cold Quickly

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Having a cold never feels good. Feeling groggy and tired does not help anyone get his or her work done. Well, there are some ways on how to cure a cold quick. So, here are some tips to get you on your way to feeling better fast.

Of course, when you have a cold plenty of rest is a necessity. Don't try and overwork yourself or keep running yourself ragged. Continuously working as you normally do when sick only prolongs the amount of time the cold lasts.

Sleep is a good thing to have. Sleep as much as you can. Too much sleep never can happen when you are sick.

Have the temperature of your home warm, but not too warm. Having it too hot can actually make you sicker and that is the last thing you want. Even though your may nose can hurt after continuously blowing it, make sure to keep doing so. Clearing out the mucous helps to make breathing easier, along with some Vicks. If you use Vicks though, don't go outside without taking a shower first, since it opens up the pores and can actually make you sicker by not washing it off before going outside.

A nice hot shower also helps. By taking a hot shower, it helps to relieve some of the symptoms you are having. Even if the relief happen for only for a short while it is a definitely worth it.

Drink plenty of liquids. Water, juice, and tea are all good things to drink. Tea is especially good when you have a sore throat or to help you sleep.

When your sick, food may not always be attractive, but eat. Soup is good for soothing a sore throat. What is even better, is things with a lot of vitamins. Vitamins help the body to heal, so fruit and vegetables are the best things to eat.

When you start to feel better, get up. Get up and do some small things, but don't push yourself. Remember when looking for ways on how to cure a cold quick, no matter what rest and vitamins are the best things for you when you are sick.

Articles was written by Trevor Johnson

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