Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dioxin and Breast Cancer

There is an increasing awareness about breast cancer and a toxin called dioxin. Certain plastics under common conditions leaks this toxin which is being found in breast tissue. You can prevent this problem from occurring if you read further.

Dioxins are highly poisonous to the tissues and cause them to mutate into cancer cells. These toxins are especially damaging to the breast tissue. A combination of heat and fatty foods when processed in plastic containers leaks into the foods. The dioxin is then ingested through the food into your tissue.

Other containers such as TV dinner, instant soup containers, styro microwaveable containers should be transferred into glass or some other safe item for cooking.

You have to be cautious when you cover safe bowls for microwave heating, Using saran wrap or something similar will drip toxins in your food when being nuked. It's when you are in a hurry that you might forget the dangers that these plastics posses.

Other signs of dioxin poisoning

* Skin lesion's
* Altered liver function
* Immune system failure
* Nervous system interruption

More than 90% of human consumption of this toxin comes from food. Meats, fish, shellfish and dairy products are the major carriers of dioxins. Trimming the fats from meats and balancing your diet with more anti-oxidants can help in the prevention of overloading your system with these toxins.

It is almost impossible to totally avoid this toxin because of the feed used in industrial meat plants. Even though the FDA has established safe limits for human consumption, the accumulation of these and other toxins has put an extra burden your system.

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