Sunday, July 05, 2009

How to Choose a Trendy Hairstyle For 2009

For so many of us the way our day goes, is how are hair looks. This must be why they say a woman's crowning glory is her hair. There is no one hairstyle that works for everyone. So no matter how trendy a style is be sure you pick one that works for you. In this article we will try to give you some insight into the trendy hairstyles for 2009.
First, Page Boy, this is basically a longer Bob Cut. This style is elegant for both younger and older women. but seems to be more popular with an older woman. It is an traditional style with the ends turned under giving it a rounded look.

Second, Bob Cuts, these are a classic cut that looks well on most women and works well with or without bangs. The great thing about this style is that it can be easily modified.

Third, Spike Cuts, these can work for both a younger woman and a more mature woman. This is a style that is favored by a more active woman that requires a low maintenance hairstyle.

Fourth, Crop Cuts, this is for the woman who wants layers. It gives the illusion of hair with more volume. It can be worn with or without bangs. When the hairdresser does this cut they usually use a razor rather than a scissor.

Lastly, Long Hair, classic and lovely, whether worn loose or tied back. There was a myth that older women should not wear long hair because it made them look older. Now it is perfectly acceptable for an older woman to have long hair. Hair can be worn long and full with soft waves or the popular look today of being loosely tied back in a bun or knot. Which ever style you choose be creative and try new things.

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