Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Stop Breast Cancer

We going to talk about how to prevent or reverse cancer with the aid of:

(1) Oxygen
(2) Aerobic exercise
(3) Water
(4) Good nutrition.

Oxygen: The majority of us engage in what is called shallow upper chest breathing: it is difficult to have energy with poor levels of oxygen in our blood stream. The best way to improve the amount of oxygen that flows into our cells is through movement, exercise and breathing techniques using diaphragmatic breathing. It is the best and most efficient way of increasing the flow of energy into our cells. To be healthy we have to improve the quality of our breathing.

If one is diagnosed of cancer, the chances are that the lymph system, the system responsible for elimination of waste is not working effectively. The lymph system relies heavily on exercise, or movement and deep diaphragmatic breathing to function properly.

Food for thought: anytime we feel sluggish or down in energy, 10 minutes of deep diaphragmatic breathing will do the magic of restoration of high energy levels.

Anaerobic exercise: this is another good way of increasing the oxygen levels of the body, it is a form of exercise that increases the heart rate, it can be in form of cycling, walking or swimming at a rate that makes you breath harder and faster.

Water: the cells need water for optimum health both in quality and quantity. Our body is made up of 70% of water, to maintain balance of water one need to be drinking adequate water.
When we are talking about water it does not include fruit juices, sugary drinks, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks or alcohol, what we are advocating is water not fluids.

To cleanse the body, one need's water, water is the number one way to cleanse the body, it is vital for a healthy life, without water we dehydrate both on the inside and outside. The recommended quantity is a minimum of 1-2 liters. Do you know that sometimes you have headache, tiredness and constipation it is a symptom that can be effectively corrected by drinking enough good quality water. Well, when one is involved in an alternative cancer treatment or therapy, standard tap water is not good for it is full of chemicals, in this case what you need is unadulterated water.

Use bottled mineral water with a low sodium content, or use some form of filter jug or under the sink filtration system or alternatively, reverse-osmosis system that is cable of filtering all harmful bacteria, and chemical etc. Also a distillation unit can be used, for those involved in detox regimes, purified water can be bought at the chemist.

Good Nutrition: Nothing can be used to substitute good nutrition as far as the war against cancer through alternative therapy is concerned. "You are what you eat" is a statement of fact. After oxygen and water, good nutrition is the next weapon needed in our arsenal to battle cancer through alternative natural therapy. The assault by free radicals can only be effectively tackled, or reversed, if your body has sufficient concentrations of free radical scavengers, known as antioxidants.

Those experiencing cancer or those who want or are taking the alternative cancer therapy route are hereby advised to desist from eating processed and lifeless foods. Even those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, the onslaught from this treatment is enough, you don't need to eat food that has no or little nutritional value, stop eating dead foods, if you are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, dead foods will make your body to be more sicker, it will add more salt to injury.

I repeat, keep away from dead foods such as sugary foods, preservatives, chemicals, crisps, biscuits, in short keep off from McDonald's and all those fast and snappy processed foods. What our body needs to survive the onslaught of cancer and that of chemotherapy and radiation is living foods. Foods that contains a lot of water, natural sugars, vitamins and minerals, fruits vegetables and grasses, this foods can easily be assimilated at a much more faster rate and can keep us vibrantly, healthy.

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