Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson's Skin Cancer

The King of Pop is not without problems. With the many controversies of him suffering from skin cancer and the faking of his skin turning from black to white, Michael Jackson is suffering from the potentially fatal disease of skin cancer. Jackson has been enduring many treatments to get rid of the cancer spreading on his skin. With scrapings of his chest and nose already completed, the King of Pop is not in the clear yet. The surgeries are even conflicting with his comeback tours.

Throughout the years, Jackson has been teased that his skin condition was only a publicity stunt and untrue. However, as time went on, Jackson's condition worsened. Doctors believed that his cancer was caused due to his vitiligo, a disease that affects skin pigmentation. There were radiation treatments and skin scrapings knocking on Michael Jackson's door. Some joke, the singer and performer of "Thriller" is turning into one of his creations. Skin cancer is not to be down played.

However, don't get out your tissue boxes and black outfits yet. There is a silver lining in the cloud. Doctors who are treating Michael Jackson's skin cancer are positive that the cancer is treatable and that Jackson will be able to perform. Jackson was excited to hear the news after taking it pretty hard once the doctors told the 50 year old pop star the devastating news at first call.

Jackson has overcome many obstacles in his life and cancer is just another stepping stone. People have died in cases as Michael's. He is lucky that he is dealing with the problem instead of ignoring it all together. Many people in the world refuse to admit to the problem they have and don't seek the proper help in time. These people do not get what they want. Michael Jackson has proven that skin cancer can be beaten. All it takes is a bunch of time and patience and a good doctor to perform the surgeries.

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