Saturday, July 18, 2009

Power of Words - Self-Talk Determines Your Success

The power of our words is phenomenal. But the power of the words within our minds is staggering! The continual dialogue that is going on inside your head is charting the course of your life. It's determining the level of success you are achieving. Stop and listen to your conversation that you are having right now? Do you like the direction in which it is taking you?

Let's look at how we can take more control of the self-talk and improve this day and also the direction you are heading in your life.

5 Steps to Controlling Your Self-talk:

1. Be aware!

The more often you stop yourself and take note of the conversation going on in your head the more aware you will be of what direction you are taking. As you become aware you will take back the power of controlling the types of self-talk that are taking place.

2. Choose a better path.

When you realize the enormous power you hold in your brain with the words you say to yourself you will find a new motivation to control the direction you take. Decide to choose a better path so you can experience the benefits of positive self-talk. Making this choice will be your greatest step in the direction of following your dreams.

3. Fill your mind with good things.

Choose to find good things to think about and discuss with yourself. Focus on positive, encouraging words to say to yourself. You don't have to tell yourself lies - that won't have a positive effect on you. Instead find ways to say things like: "I don't have to finish all the food on my plate." "This project will stretch my mind and make me stronger." "Exercise will bring health to my body." As you practice finding positive things to say to yourself the process becomes easier.

4. Discipline yourself.

There are many things we do in life that we don't always have the desire to do. Doing them
despite our feelings is how we develop discipline. The same goes for changing the direction of your self-talk. Though you may not feel like it or you might not see immediate results the discipline you exercise over your internal words will reward you. Choose to discipline your dialogue and become the person who is in control of your thoughts and as a result your life.

5. Be deliberate. Be persistent.

Taking back the control of your inner dialogue will take a concentrated effort. Find ways to remind yourself to stop and think about what you are thinking about. Then redirect the train and set it on a track of positive, encouraging thoughts. Be persistent in achieving discipline over your thoughts. Find yourself reaching your goals and experience the power of self-talk.

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