Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Slow PC Performance - 5 Easy Way How to Clean Up Your Computer

Purchasing a computer is not the end and it is crucial to know how to clean up computer on the regular basis. An efficient maintenance is required in order to reap optimum results from it. This can be achieved only if you keep your system off the trash files and unwanted programs.

If any one of the enumerated situation arises, this means that there is a dire need to clean up computer

· If the system is running slower than normal

· If error windows pop up every now and then on the PC screen

· If Windows XP/Vista is showing symptoms of blue screen

· Your system freezes and gets locked

· Windows does not get shut down or takes too long for it

These symptoms may arise due to few of these reasons:

* Intrusion and attack of adwares, spywares, viruses, and hackers
* Errors in the registry due to adding/removing new programs on computer

Checklist for the steps that can prevent malwares/errors clawing your system's registry and clean up computer:

1. Free up the computer space: Try to delete those programs that consume a lot of space on the computer but are of no use to you. Windows Defrag Tool, RAMBooster can be used for optimizing computer storage.
2. Reduce the start up programs and increase processing time: Programs like Startup Manager and CodeStuff Starter can be used to control the programs that get loaded when computer starts. These programs cover the unwanted space on the RAM which diminishes the performance of the system.
3. Clean the computer fan: To perform this action, you need to open the computer tower and clean fan with a piece of cloth. Handy kits are also available in the market to serve this purpose.
4. Use Spyware program: Spyware removal will help freeing the disc space usurped by malwares.
5. Registry Cleaning: Most of the problem with computer nags you just because registry is all filled with errors, corrupt files, damaged files, and viruses. This tends to slow down the processing. It is mandatory that you keep registry cleaner installed on your system so as to keep threats at bay.

These few steps would be helpful to clean up computer effectively Apart from aforementioned ways, cookies and temp files should be deleted from the system, hard drive should be defragmented and recycle bin should be emptied every now and then.

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