Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What Are Normal Blood Glucose Levels Anyway?

Blood Glucose is a sugar that moves through one's bloodstream. It is the main source of energy for animal and human cells. When you eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates, your blood glucose levels rise. Glucagon and insulin are the instruments of regulation for glucose levels. The body's insulin is produced by the pancreas and travels into the blood as glucose levels go up.

Many people are concerned about their blood glucose levels and want to know what are normal blood glucose levels anyway? Although many experts differ in exact numbers, it is generally accepted that the levels are between 65-145 mg.

It is important to remember that blood glucose levels tend to run higher just after eating a meal and they usually run lower in the earlier part of the day. If you typically have glucose levels that run below 65 during all parts of the day then you may want to get this checked out. There is a strong possibility that you may be hypoglycemic. This is a condition that must be treated seriously and can be life threatening if not taken care of and monitored consistently. This condition is also commonly referred to as, "Low blood Sugar."

The opposite side of this spectrum is hyperglycemia. In this condition known as "High blood sugar," the blood glucose levels run over 145 mg. Diabetes can result at these levels and that also must be taken care of on a consistent basis as this condition can lead to nerve, eye, and kidney damage.

I want to stress that normal blood glucose levels do not come in the form of exact numbers. There is a range and you should test while fasting and do so at different times of the day in order to get a truly accurate measure of where you stand in the glucose level continuum.

When you do test for blood glucose make sure that it is completed according to the exact instructions found on the kit itself as many people do not follow the exact instructions and walk away thinking their blood glucose levels are high or low and in reality they did not get an accurate reading.

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