Friday, July 17, 2009

What is Bacterial Vaginitis?

The Bacterial Vaginitis also known as Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal infection with the symptoms of trichomonasis and yeast infections, which may be caused due to growth of several bacteria. Though, many women believe the yeast infections as the most common type of infection, but the Bacterial vaginosis happens to be the most commonly occurring infection in vagina.

As a matter of fact, the infection affects about 10 - 64 percent of the women population. However, the Bacterial Vaginities can be stopped by preventing the infections with the help of certain suitable methods.

By using a simple and little care towards the changing of lifestyles may be fruitful in preventing the Bacterial diagnosis. The sexual relationships must be stopped during the infection stages. This will be helpful in stopping the bacterial infection towards the male partner as well as the return of the same infection to the female one.

The treatments for the Bacterial Vaginitis may sometimes lead to even undesirable complications and risks to the patient. There are certain methods of treatment, by which, the infection may be cured so early, but the treatment may lead to the infection of the women with another disorder of PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. Sometimes, the disease such as the cervicitis, endometritis, post operative infections and pregnancy complications may affect the female. The Bacterial vaginitis affects the vagina, urethra, genital skin and bladder of a female. And the disease is seen in all the age group of women during their reproductive years.

The primary reason of a female suffering from Bacterial Vaginitis involves an excessive growth of the Gardenerella organisms as well as the anaerobic bacteria in the reproductive part of the female group. A non infected female reproductive system also contains these microorganisms in very less numbers. But, the overgrowth of the same bacteria breaks the balance of the vagina and spreads the infection. However, the Lactobacilli help in maintaining the normal as well as healthy balance of the microorganisms in the vagina. And due to the vaginosis, the operation of the lactobacilli is also stopped.

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