Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Should You Come to Indonesia After Bomb Blasted?

courtesy of: Ministry of Culture and Tourism - Indonesia

I'm Indonesian, I'm very proud to be Indonesian. Indonesian is one of wonderful countries in the world. We have so many beautiful places to visit, such as Borobudur Temple : one of UNESCO World Heritage, Bali : Land of God and Goddess, and many more.

My biggest disappointment is when the Government announced Indonesia Visit 2009, there's one God Damn terrorist attacked @ Jakarta, a few days ago, but you know what, no body wants any bombs.

But somehow, hopefully with my little notes on my blog, all of you will know, how amazing my country is. What will you get if you're visiting Indonesia.

Here's another reasons you'll find why so many people love and enjoyed visiting Indonesia

For More information about amazing places, events just click on Indonesian Tourism Official Site

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