Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep Healthy and Fresh in Fasting Month

This month, in Muslim Calender is Ramadhan, it's means that every Muslim, both Women and Men must have Fasting before dawn until sunset. This fasting last more than 12 hours, some of people whose having fasting, seems so sluggish, has problems on mouth such as bad breath, chapped lips, dehydration, etc.

With this posting, with all my regards, I'll give You some tips for those who has Fasting to Keep Healthy and Fresh, here are the tips.

Overcoming dry lips is easy. After brushing your teeth, brush your lips gently using a soft brush with remaining pasta.
Wiped your lips with lip balm made of petroleum jelly, Then brush the lips gently, the result is dry skin on lips would be lifted are always moist.
Make a habit of using lip balm every day.

Affected by sun, air conditioning, until pollution, making the skin dry and scaly. It was not pleasing to the eye. To avoid this, always prepare a lotion that contains sunscreen.
If Your activity is very solid and moving, it's good using a hand cream containing olive oil. Skin remained soft throughout the day and not at all sticky.

Wash the face with a cleanser that contains complete vitamins and minerals, In order for the skin moisture level is always maintained.
Then apply moisturizer to the face that protects the skin from the sun. Choose which contain anti pigmentation, in order to avoid brownish stain on Face
Oily skin, choose a moisturizing liquid, while dry skin is a moisturizer of choice.

Use a scrub which maintain body humidity. The Mangosteen juice is believed to have efficacy to lift dead skin and stimulate new skin cell growth. Mixed extracts of rice and apricot seeds in it, helps the skin look brighter and smoother.
When dawn and breaking fast, try to drink water and eat as many vegetables are also fresh fruit. So, for hours to live through fasting, you avoid dehydration.
Give your body a multivitamin intake, so durability is always strong and can run fasting solemnly.

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Great tips, thanks! How to avoid bad smell of mouth? Before imsak, I used to brush my teeth and gargle with gargle liquid. Is it enough?

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ough..nice girl u post here! I luv that..

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