Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pinang Climbs Race : Indonesian Tradition on Independence's Day Celebration

Pinang climb is one of the popular race in the traditional celebration of independence day of Indonesia.

The Way of The Game

A Pinang (Areca catechu)is a tree with length about 20-30 meters. Pinang were planted in the ground soiled by lubricants prepared by the race committee. At the top of the tree, and prepared a variety of interesting gifts. Participants compete for the prizes with a swarm trees.

Because trees are slippery (because the lubricant has been given), the trees climbers often fall. Reason and cooperation of the participants to swarm trees this is usually successful to beating the slippery trees, and become interesting attraction for the audience.


Pinang climb comes from the era of Dutch colonial. Pinang climb race held by the Dutch on a special event, such as, wedding. This race is followed by the indigenous people. Usually, Gifts for this race are food such as cheese, sugar, and clothing such as shirt, this gifts, for indigenous,including luxury goods. While the indigenous people take pains to climb the trees and take prizes on the top of Pinang, the Dutch people watch while laughing. The way of this race has not changed since first.

Value of The Game

This race had been held since the Dutch colonial until present day, and become a Tradition. On present day, Pinang Climb Race Usually held on Independence's Day Celebration. The value of the Game is hard work, abstinence surrender, group work

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in my place "Pinang climb race" has followed by women...., u know how the women strenght... and how long they got to top.... almost a half day... before they lost the streght....

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