Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rice Mask for Blenching Your Face

Rice, is a staple food for people in some country such as Indonesia. In addition to the staple food, rice has a great benefit for beauty, it can be useful for blenching face, so our face can be appear cleaner.

To get the benefit of Rice for blenching your face, here I'll give you tips how to make, the materials, and also how to use it on your face.

Materials :

1. 3 tablespoon Rice
2. Honey for condensing the Rice

How to make :

1. Swamp the Rice all night long
2. Grind until become fine powder
3. Dry the powder

How to Use :

1. Rice powder that has been dried, mixed with honey
2. Use it on your face, and avoid from eyes
3. Wait for 20 minutes, after that rinse with cold water

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2 komentar:

lina@happy family said...

I'll try this. Hope my face will look more fresh.

Berry Devanda said...

apa bisa untuk pria juga?
nice post...

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