Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Items That Should Be in Every Woman's Handbag??

Below are top 20 items which should live in every woman's handbag - without these items we would be lost!

Money - probably an obvious choice but how many times have you left the house and forgotten your purse? Get rid of your loose change instead of collecting it in a jar at home.

Pen - you'll need this to write in your diary or your number on his arm.

Book/magazine - you will regret not bringing a book with you when you're sat in a cafe/restaurant alone and have nothing to look at but the smoochy couple sat at the table next to you.

Mobile phone - what on earth did we do before mobile phones were invented? Well I guess we used smelly telephone boxes but that meant that people couldn't get hold of us if they were running late, also it meant that we would have to talk super fast before the beeps told us that the call was ending - urgh.

Shopper or old plastic bag - plastic bags are evil. Fact. When out shopping don't a) ruin your outfit by coordinating it with a tacky branded bag or b) add to the ever-increasing land fill problems by using up another plastic bag. Reuse an old plastic bag or use a cotton shopper that can fold up inside your handbag instead.

Diary - unless you have a fancy mobile phone you'll need something in your bag which acts as an organiser. Otherwise you'll forget what day of the week it is.

Makeup - how many times have you gone straight from work to a bar or restaurant feeling slightly 'naked' as the makeup on your face has miraculously disappeared? Don't let this happen again!

Comb or hairbrush - cave woman chic? We don't think so. Tidy yourself up a little and keep your hair sleek.

Credit card- a girl's best friend or a girl's worst enemy depending on how you look at it. Going on a shopping trip? Make sure you take your plastic friend with you for a little day out.

Tissues - toilets without paper, sneezes, hay fever...we all need tissues.

Tampon/San pads - don't be caught out again, make sure that you always have a tampon with you!

Keys - you don't want to be locked out do you? Then don't forget your keys.

MP3 player with headphones - sunny lunch hour in the park? Lonesome walk across the bridge? This needs a soundtrack.

Safety pins - why doesn't everyone keep at least one in their bag? Safety pins are so handy. Broken bra strap? No worries. Broken bag? No worries. Broken heart? Well we can't help you there...

Plasters - sore feet from painful shoes aren't pleasant at all and can actually ruin your day. Make sure you keep a couple of plasters in your bag. You'll be so grateful the day you need them.

Vaseline - great for dry lips, dry hands and getting a ring off your finger if it gets stuck.

Moisturiser with SPF - chapped dry skin isn't fun and neither is sunburn. Make sure you keep a mini bottle or sachet of moisturiser in your bag that contains a medium to high sun protection factor.

Sunglasses - for sunny days, hangovers and those who like to look a little mysterious.

Wet wipes - spillages, dirty hands, armpits - your choice.

Chewing gum/mints - keep fresh throughout the day, for your sake and everyone else's.

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