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What are 7 Mistakes that Woman do When Exercising?

Many women began to realize to return to exercise. However, many mistakes they often do. Maybe you also often do it.

Many women who are determined to start exercising, but unfortunately they are a lot of mistakes. This is because the motivation is wrong, or lack of self confidence. You want to know what mistakes are usually performed when exercising women? Check this out the top obedience trainers say :

Expecting too much, and too fast
When start a new practicing, do not forget what you can do, and think about what you can do. Then, focus on the achievements you get, no matter how small. However, do not trigger frustration when you just start practicing, so suggestions Fitz Koehler, in fitness expert and author of The Everything Flat Belly Cookbook. "Fight hard (for not lazy practice) is a part of this experience, 'he said,' and when you no longer trying, it's time you create a new step."

Do not trust yourself
You are actually more powerful than you think. It's just that, according to Donovan Hamlet, personal trainers in DavidBartonGym at Astor Place, New York City, many women who are not confident to increase the portion of the exercise. "They're not sure of his ability, so they stick with the same training pattern continuously. Changes in exercise is important, to maximize the effect of the hard work you do. When you no longer feel afraid of doing something new, your potential physical changes is open wide. "

Practice too hard-core
You know that to get the best results, you need to work hard. Therefore you push yourself to your limits during the last training session. No pain, no gain, right? But make sweat profusely, racing heartbeat, and feel like dying every time you exercise, maybe not the best way to achieve your goals. Dave Van Daff, senior director of education and development of Bally Total Fitness, said that excessive exercise can make you hate it. "When the fear of exercise, you will make excuses to not do it again, and finally you give up. In fact, rules that can be used is, do not increase exercise more than 10 percent of each session. Apply lightly addition to preventing injury, and helps you mentally, "he said.

Just focus slimming tummy
When it came to sports, any woman would have put the belly appearance. However, the stomach muscles alone will not make you get the overall health benefits. "There's enggak, enggak women who want to have a tight stomach?" Said Van daff. "Women usually come to the gym and doing abdominal exercises. They take yoga and Pilates classes to strengthen the part, thinks that by building his stomach muscles, they will pass. But basically, most people already have the stomach muscles. This is more of a problem fat, to make us shine with cardio exercise and reducing calorie intake. "

Too long practice in gym
Spending long hours on the treadmill was not the key to lose weight or become healthier. "Practicing with the smart is more important than practicing more," said Van daff. He suggested to practice with the stick to the plan. Consult with someone who knows what to do, and follow the design.

Too put pressure on the scale or mirror
According to Van daff, it can often strike back. There are many different things that can affect your weight: it weighs, which held water, clothing, and so forth. We should focus on how we look, and whether our clothes are fit comfortably in the body. In addition, he added, if one day you climb on the scales and seeing your weight increased from 0.5 to 1 kg, it really does not mean anything to you.

Fear of strength training
This exercise actually helps you burn more calories every day (muscles burn more calories than fat), and gives your curves. However, many women do not do it because they are afraid of looking like a body builder. Van daff said, he often encounter clients who feel they got older. "But I can see that, in my 13 years working in this field, there never was a woman who proves to me that they are getting bigger, just by doing a standard strength training alone, 'he said.

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