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The Exotic Malino South Sulawesi

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Malino city, which lies 90 km south, Makassar, precisely in Tinggimoncong, Gowa District, is one of nature tourism attraction incredible, as the peak area of Bogor or Bandung.

The road uphill and winding road to cross the mountains and beautiful valleys like the painting of nature, will take you to the city of Malino. The area known as the recreational and tourist areas since the Dutch colonial era.

Many visitors who come either from the city of Makasar and other areas in South Sulawesi to secure a place for recreation and a comfortable refreshing, especially on a weekend or holiday.

What makes it special is the Malino not only have villas and inns in the hills where the cold weather to enjoy the natural charm that extraordinary, but also a place located 1500 meters above sea level has objects that attract tourism and the potential flora and fauna diverse.

Starting from Takapala Waterfall located in the area Bulutana, Lembanna Waterfall approximately 8 km from the City Malino, Forest Tourism Malino better known as Pine Forest. While in Malino, there is a Blue Valley bath. Tourist objects had not been deserted by visitors, especially on holidays.

In the natural park Malino encountered various kinds of fauna like a parrot (Trichaglossus flavoridis), black monkeys (Macaca maura), lizard (Varanus salvator), starlings buffalo (Acridatheres sp), king prawn (Halcyon sp), and birds gelatik Padda oryzofora ).

Flora owned from pine trees (Pinus merkusi) which is the dominating flora Nature Park Malino and age old enough. In addition, there are also other types such as acacia floran (Acasia auriculiformis) Jabon (Anthocepthalus cadamba), fig (Ficus benjamina), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp), edelweis (Edelwesy sp), rattan (Calamus sp), ylang (Cananga ordorata) and several types of shrubs.

Malino natural beauty, known since the Dutch colonial era plants also store the Dutch heritage that until now could be found, but somewhat rare, ie including turi edelweis of trees and orange flowers. When blooming, the flowers look beautiful, especially when viewed from the air or the distance. This scene is rarely found elsewhere. Therefore, Malino also known as the South Sulawesi city of blossoms.

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