Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are Officers Have Right to Kill Children?

Besides him, according to Farhan, there are two other residents received similar treatment from Satpol PP. In fact, one resident is an eight-year-old boy and another 19-year-old. Both were also inserted into the bathroom and beat her head. 'One person was entered in the one bathroom. I am in the second bathroom. Two people died, 'said Farhan.

The writing on the top is a piece of news from, who preach violence in Koja, North Jakarta.

Apart from humanitarian tragedy on top, there's still a bit officer brutality against innocent citizens. The following piece of news.

Not long later, another PP Satpol members arrived and started beating Amin and four friends using a cane. Because trying to fight back, eventually tying the PP Satpol members and four friends of her receipts Amin ropes. Continue beating any action, even stripped of his fifth member Satpol PP.


Why you officer had to kill children?
Why you officer had to attack not guilty citizens?

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