Friday, April 23, 2010

Stunning Eye Make Up

The eyes are a feature everyone notices on everyone. Many women want to have their eyes be the main focus on their face. They use eye makeup
to achieve this goal. Yet they sometimes fail to realize there are different techniques to use for different times of day and occasions to make their eyes more attractive.

To apply the eye makeup, begin by facing the mirror in a well-lit room. Determine if you need to shape your eyebrows so they are attractive instead of distracting to your eyes. Remove the unwanted hairs in the eyebrow region so you eyes will be enhanced with the eye makeup you will apply.

After you are sure your eyebrows are exactly how you want them to be, apply a neutral concealer to the areas of the face that are unbalanced. This can include the areas of the eyes such the regions under the eyes or near the nose. Blend the concealer well into the face.

Apply foundation to the face. Blend the foundation so it does not have lines under the neck or hairlines. The color of the foundation must copy your current coloring so it will appear natural. Apply a powder over the foundation to seal it on the face.

Once you have the rest of your face ready with the foundation, you are ready to start on your eyes. Select three colors of eye shadow. The colors do not have to be all the same color scheme. They just have to be colors that will blend together to create an exquisite display on your eyes.

Begin with the lighter shade of eye shadow as the base of the shades you apply to the eyes. This shade of color is applied up the eyebrow and creates a foundation for the rest of the colors you will be using.

Apply the next color of a medium shade at the crease of the eyelid. Gently blend the new color into the base color. Add the darker third color to the upper eyelid. Blend this color as well.

Next use eyeliner to accent the eyes. Apply the eyeliner to the eyelash area of the eye in a thin line that will blend with the base color of eye shadow. You may want to apply the eyeliner to the lower region of the eye as well, but avoid applying a thick line.

Using your ring finger of the left hand, lightly blend the eyeliner to soften the effect around the eyes. The gently blending will not remove the eyeliner but it will make it more of an accent then a bold display of color.

Applying eye makeup for the evening calls for darker shades applied in the same manner. The darker colors look better at night when there is less lighting.

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