Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jim Brickman - Hope

The Brickman solo piano style you love can be heard on his newest instrumental CD HOPE. The popular Target exclusive is now available online with three new songs. HOPE brings Jim’s favorite inspirational themes to life in this 12 track CD. "Winter Morning", "Sundown", "Distant Rain", "Daydream", "Open", "The Day We Met", "Sunrise", "Contemplation", "Beautiful World" along with new songs; Inspiration, Reflections and The Journey. The name HOPE says so much about the feelings conveyed in the music. Remember someone special on Mother’s Day or graduation too.

1 Winter Morning
2 Sundown
3 Distant Rain
4 Daydream
5 Open
6 Reflection
7 Hope
8 Day We Met
9 Sunrise
10 Contemplation
11 Beautiful World
12 Longing

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