Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonderbra with Push-up Boosting Cleavage

Ladies, it is news to make your cups runneth over. A bra that promises to boost cleavage by two sizes is coming to the high street.

It will arrive just in time for this autumn's revival of Fifties fashions, which require that curvaceous silhouette.

Unlike other push-up bras, which usually just squeeze the breasts together, the new product by Marks & Spencer is meant to make them look bigger overall.

The 'Add 2 Cup Sizes' bra uses a super-light foam insert weighing half that of the gel pads used in other boosters.

It also has straps that can be crossed at the back to create 'even more cleavage oomph'.

M&S head of lingerie design Soozie Jenkinson said: 'We think there's a revival of push-up bras coming this autumn with the hourglass Fifties look we are seeing on the catwalk.

'At M&S we always try to pay close attention to the latest fashion and bring these into our stores wherever possible.

'We are giving women extra help by offering a fuller-bust look without having to resort to the extremes of surgery.'

Miss Jenkinson added: 'Our bra is revolutionary.

'Rather than simply boosting cleavage, it actually increases busts by two cup sizes rather than just lifting it.

'Many traditional push-up bras, which can use inserts such as water, gel, oil and foam - which can be incredibly heavy, uncomfortable and bulky.

'But this is light and comfortable and can be worn all day with ease.

'It gives a sensational cleavage and a fabulous hourglass shape.'

The bra will arrive in stores in July costing £20 and is available in sizes 32AA - 38C.

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