Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JP Millenix : The Next Indonesian Female Best Drumer

Her name is Jaanitra Priyanka Millenix. Her friend sometime call her JP Millenix. She's 10 year-old girl. She lives @ central Jakarta, her biggest dream is to become one of the best female drummer in the world.

Her performance on Indonesia Mencari Bakat (IMB), a searching talent program on Trans TV, proved to us that she can be the best drummer in the near future. For many weeks, she performed with powerful drum beat, Rockin, energetic.

Her best performance while she played Erotomania-Dream Theater, her performance received rave reviews from Mike Portnoy, drummer for Dream Theater. Watch this video, you'll know how great and Rockin's JP

August,8, 2010 was her last performance on IMB. In collaboration with Candil, ex Seurieus Band's Lead Singer and John Paul Ivan, ex Boomerang's Lead Guitar, JP performed Sweet Child O'Mine, a song from Guns N' Roses. Look, how she Rock us :

So many tears among Millenixer and most of Indonesian citizen and also Drummer while she's eliminated from IMB. On television last August 8, 2010 IMB, seen one of IMB Jury, Titi Sjuman, cried so hard. Titi Sjuman also known as Indonesian Female Drummer, who during the IMB is always giving advice and encouragement for JP Millenix.

For the next weeks we won't see JP Millenix again as Finalist on IMB Trans TV. But JP, is not the end of your journey as a drummer, we still love you and give you support to become one of the best female drummer in this world, so keep on Rockin'.

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leadanswer.com said...

What a surprise dear
This girl has born with all blesses of GOD.She is really intelligent and sweet. Having seen her video in the blog I have become a great fan of her talent and music.

Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

Thank you, let's pray for her success

unlabelpro said...

Good Cover...make Mike Portnoy fascinated

Wanita Indonesia-IFS said...

@unlabelpro : yup Mike gave his review on JP, and he's so happy :D

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