Monday, October 11, 2010

Brandon de Angelo: The 8 year-old Wonder Kid had been Eliminated

Brandon IMB, so people often call him. Brandon, publicly known after participating in a talent show that aired INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT a private television station.

Brandon is also known as Brandon de Angelo by millions of fans joined in the fan club devoted to supporting Brandon called Brandonizer.

In the event INDONESIA SEEKING TALENT, Brandon 8-year-old who is still able to captivate the jury, captivating audiences all over Indonesia with his ability to dance hip-hop like an adult professional dancers. With expression, movement, and extraordinary technique, Brandon is able to enter the final round along with several other finalists aged older than him.

Last night, October 10, 2010, is a very sad day . Brandon, The Wonder Kid in Indonesia Looking for talent has been eliminated in the Grand Final of Big 3.

After a struggle, hard work, discipline, dedication for over 8 months , Brandon were eliminated. This elimination occurs after Brandon was ranked 3rd of the proceeds SMS poll.

The results are very sad for most Brandonizer and Indonesian population. Many people do not think Brandon would be eliminated last night.

A few weeks before Brandon eleminated, a lot of negative comments about Brandon, like: 'Why did Brandon Go Big 3?', 'Why do only with shaking body Brandon still survive?' , And many other negative comments. Those negative comments because many people have not realized what an incredible natural talent which is owned by Brandon, namely dance .

Maybe for some, dancing is just dancing, dancing is just moving the body to the rhythm. But, unlike with Brandon, he has a talent for dancing is very unusual, because at the time of dancing, Brandon, combining dance with the rhythm of music, humor, attractive, causing the perfect harmonization. . Here are some of Brandon's action, which recorded a video taken from, you will realize how incredible Brandon :

First Impression

Best Performance

Although with great sadness , it should be understood, the competition is always there must be winners and losers, and was indeed Brandon were eliminated in the Grand Final of the Big 3. Starting this week we will no longer be able to see Brandon in Indonesia Looking for Talent.

Brandon, though you have been knocked out, do not give up to achieve your ambition into Indonesian Hip-hop dancer that go international!

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