Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Outfit for Moms

Most moms out there will likely be spending this weekend trying to pull together the kids' costumes for Halloween. But in the midst of all that stitching and hemming (or, lets face it, purchasing at the mall), it's worth taking time to figure out what your holiday getup will be. So for this installment of The Weekender, we've pulled together a spirited ensemble that will be wearable long after that last candy bar has been finished off.

Style tips:

  • Sweater: Orange may be the color of Halloween, but it's also set to be the color of Spring 2011. Get a jumpstart on the color that walked every runway from Diane von Furstenberg to Prada by rocking this shawl-collar cardigan by J. Crew. It's also important safety-wise to wear an eye-catching color when you're escorting the kids around for Trick-or-Treating.
  • Top: Orange can be a tough color to wear. Matching it with black can look a bit too obvious. We like pairing it other neutrals like taupe or gray, as in this super-soft striped Gap tee.
  • Scarf: We've seen skull motifs popping up on everything from Alexander McQueen rings to J. Crew's Rugby line. The subtlety of the print on this scarf make it wearable year-round. And the light orange color creates a nice tonal complement to the sweater.
  • Jeans: We continue to be giddy that designers are turning their back on skinny cuts in favor of infinitely more flattering flares.

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