Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Causes Sperm Least ?

The less smooth the process of fertilization is not only determined by the reproductive health of women. Men also accounted for a role in fertilization failure. In fact, from 7 million infertile couples, 40 percent caused by low sperm counts.

One of the criteria for male fertility according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is there are 15 million head of sperm in each milliliter of seminal fluid. If there are abnormalities of the amount, you could say these men have fertility problems.

Some medical conditions can indeed cause low sperm quality, but environmental factors are also influential. What are they?

1. Obesity
Excess body weight not only affects the number of sperm cells but also increases cell damage seperma. According to research from Harvard University, it is because excess fat can reduce testosterone levels and increased estradiol, female sex hormones. 

2. Impotence drug
Although older men are the target of erectile dysfunction drugs, now more and more young men who joined the blue pill and the like without a prescription. Whereas the results of research conducted in England found erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis can damage the sperm's head so that more and more difficult for sperm to penetrate the egg cell and initiate cell division.

3. Zinc deficiency
One study found zinc levels in infertile men is higher than in men who are infertile. Experts say zinc contributes to fight free radicals cause damage to sperm cells. Fulfill the need for zinc through cereals, multivitamins or meat consumption. 

4. Cell phone radiation  
Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic found more often men used a cell phone, the lower the number of sperm produced. Separate research by a team from Australia to find the reason. 1.8 gigahertz frequency used in mobile phones will increase the amount of free radicals that can damage sperm cells and reduce the ability of sperm motion.

 5. Lack of fiber intake  

The team from the University of California found that men who lack folic acid, have sperm with the wrong number of chromosomes 20 percent higher than men would be enough folic acid. The best source of folic acid are green vegetables, like spinach, asparagus, and so forth. 

6. Smoke
Smoking not only causes chronic disease, but also affect the amount and quality of sperm. The experts believe, when smoking your body will be flooded by free radicals. Not just cause of cancer cells, it will also trigger DNA damage in sperm.

 7. Depression
The experts from Cornell University, a man who took antidepressants at higher risk of DNA damage in sperm. DNA damage will cause reduced fertility and increased risk of defects in the fetus.

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