Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Women Want to be hugged After Sex?

It's no secret that most women feel more happy to be hugged and pampered after sex. While men tend to want to relax with a cigarette or just a drink.

Why they can behave differently after having sex? Scientists in the U.S. reveals the reasons behind the phenomenon. 

'Women are more focused on five areas namely; chat intimately, kissing, fondling and hugging and express love in couples, and talk to the continuation of the relationship after the sex. " 
A recent research on the behavior after sex indicates that women turned out to have a larger initiative to establish a bond and intimacy, whether in the context of the moment and long-term relationship.

While the men tend to be trapped in the behavior of 'respect for extrinsic', or increase the chances of having sex next.

'Most studies of evolutionary psychology of human reproduction focused on what happened before and before intercourse. But the reproductive strategy does not stop after intercourse. And, it may directly affect specific behaviors of post-sex relationships, 'said study author, Susan Hughes.

Hughes said there were a number of elements in the reproduction process after the incident happened. Elements include bonding (bonding), the intention of further related (and possible subsequent sexual activity), storage and sperm competition, keeping the couple, and the chances of conception.

'We thought, consideration between men and women post-intercourse vary slightly due the scatter reproductive strategy,' said Hughes who did the study by interviewing 170 people.

'Compared to men, women are more focused on five things, namely to chat intimately, kissing, fondling and hugging and express love in couples, as well as the continuation of the relationship after the sex talk,' said Hughes.

'The man who gave priority to different indicated extrinsic award after having sex (such as drinking or smoking, eating or asking the couple's favorite). Men are also more concerned about the continued sexual activity than women, 'he added.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, the men also prefer to initiate a kiss before having sex, whereas women just happy to start after making love.

In addition, the Eve assess intimate conversation and discussion of the relationship is more important subject of discussion before having sex rather than afterward. While he thinks there is no difference between after or before sex.

The only thing between men and women in uniform are they both consider it important to say 'I love you' to your partner after sex.

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