Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Facts Behind the Myth of Male Sex

Most adult males may have heard the myths that developed around their sexuality. Quite often these myths used as a reference. In fact, not all contain the truth. Well, so do not be misguided and trapped these myths, you'll want to listen to the truth or the facts behind the myth of Adam's sexuality is.

Myth 1: Men reach peak sexuality at age 18

This myth is TRUE existence by considering the supply or production of sex hormones in the body. Peak production of testosterone a man were in the age of 18's. The peak of the hormone estrogen in women in middle age of 20.

'However, the peak of the hormone does not mean peak sexual performance, "said Marc Goldstein, MD, professor of reproductive health and urology at Cornell University's Weill Medical College. Therefore, do not feel too old to show the best ability at any age.

Myth 2: Semen contains a liquid low-carb WRONG. 'Semen most of its content is fruit sugar [fructose] and enzymes, rather than carbohydrates, "says Dr. Goldstein. This fact can also explain why the term dieting does not apply to oral sex.

Myth 3: Masturbation produce more powerful orgasms TRUE: But this is not a suggestion that must be followed. 'Depending on the individual. For some people maybe, but not necessarily for others. There's nothing better, besides just doing intercourse, "said Jon L. Pryor, MD, professor of urologic surgery at the University of Minnesota.

Myth 4: The average size is 8 inches when erect WRONG: The man does not need to worry. Relax! Because the numbers are actually closer to an average of 6 inches.

Myth 5: Shellfish trigger passion WRONG: 'There is no scientific evidence that says that the shellfish can increase libido,' said Dr Pryor. 'However, there may be a placebo effect. So, if it happens to you, good! "

Myth 6: Men think about sex every 7 seconds WRONG: This calculation seems too excessive. The truth is only about 23 percent just a man who claimed he was too often fantasize. And maybe the rest are those who are too often check the time.

Myth 7: Stop eating broccoli improve the 'feel' Sperm TRUE: Semen is naturally bitter taste. Eating broccoli or drinking coffee will only make sperm taste worse.

Myth 8: Having sex before important moments, such as games or presentations-may disrupt or interfere with your performance WRONG: Scientists in Switzerland to test the resistance to stress in humans after a period of 2 to 10 hours post-sex. The results show, up to 10 hours post-sex volunteers actually been recovered. Meanwhile, scientists have only found little decrease in the ability of the volunteers 2 hours after sex.

Myth 9: Having sex in water (swimming pool, hot tub, or shower) will kill sperm TRUE: Some sperm cells will indeed be dead, but according to Dr. Pryor is not a method or an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Although the hot tub can lead to high temperature in the testicles and kill sperm, the sperm would still be many left who will hunt for the fertilized egg cell.

Myth 10: You can be addicted to porn sites TRUE: According to the data, was only 1 percent of those who had opened the pornography on the Internet will become an addict. However, if you are men who get married be careful because about 38 percent of pornography addicts are those who are married.

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