Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Female Teenagers Vulnerable Infected with HIV

Women and girls were more vulnerable to contracting HIV. The study shows, the chances of women and girls infected with HIV 2.5 times higher than boys and young men.

UN Agency to Fight AIDS (UNAIDS) report, 67 percent of new cases of HIV and AIDS in developing countries exist at young ages (15-24 years). Of these, 64 percent are women and girls.

As stated by Deputy Head of Gender Mainstreaming for Political, Social, and Legal Empowerment of Women and Child Protection drg. Ida Suselo Wulan, MM in a keynote speech read out to replace Minister of Women and Children Protection Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar here on Tuesday (1/18/2011.)

The notion of society that HIV / AIDS is only experienced by women sex workers are untrue. That's because today women are not doing a lot of risky behaviors of HIV-infected permanent partner (husband).

'Vulnerability of women to HIV is caused more gender inequality that resulted in the inability of women to control the sexual behavior of husbands and lack of medical care of HIV / AIDS, "says Ida.

Lack of understanding of 'the concept of gender' in the family makes the bargaining position of women was very low. Inequality of gender relations, both socially and economically, is the main driver of the spread of the HIV epidemic. That is, if gender equality occurs, the women can make their own decisions about sexuality activity.

'Gender equality in family and society to eliminate the vulnerability of women to HIV / AIDS, "said Secretary of National AIDS Commission Dr Nafsiah Mboi, MPH who is one of the speaker in National Seminar on" Accelerating Achievement of Objective 6 MDG's to Realize Women & Children Free of HIV-AIDS '.

According to latest reports NAC, the number of AIDS cases in Indonesia based on sex by 2010 as many as 22,726 cases. A total of 16,731 cases or 73.62 percent are male, while 5911 cases or 26.01 percent are female. A total 84 cases or 0.37 percent of unknown gender. The ratio of AIDS cases between men and women was 2.83-to-1. HIV / AIDS surfaced in Indonesia, beginning with the discovery of the first cases in 1987 in Bali. Towards the year 2000, there was acceleration of accretion people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) by leaps and bounds. Even entering the year 2000, there were locations where HIV transmission is high (a concentrated epidemic level.)

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