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Healthy Lifestyle Prevent Cysts and Myomas

Slightly weaker sex in this country who understand the difference between a cyst and uterine disease (myom). Indeed, both these diseases are both a kind of tumor that attacks the female reproductive organs. At a certain level of benign cysts and myomas.

However, both have a pretty fundamental difference. The first is the location where the growth of cysts and myomas. The location is in the growth of ovarian cysts (ovarian). Thus, the disease is often referred to as ovarian cysts.

The myomas grow on the uterine muscle of women. 'In contrast to the cyst that grows outside the uterus. Here lies the difference, 'said Martin Walean, Permata Bunda Hospital obstetrician.

Growth of myomas, or uterine myomas medical terms, is influenced by several factors, including hormonal status. Hormones have an important role in uterine activity, particularly the hormone estrogen.

The hormone estrogen can stimulate tumor growth in this one. Therefore, the network has a number of uterine estrogen receptor was higher than muscle tissue content. So often grow faster in the reproductive age, especially during pregnancy.

What makes myomas is dangerous because it can grow more than one location in the uterus, with the weight and size vary. 'This causes disturbances in the womb, "said Mulyadi Tedjaprana, Director of Clinical Medizone.

A second difference is its form. If the ovarian cyst-shaped bag containing liquid, solid myomas.

According Boyke Dian Nugraha, Couples Clinic obstetrician of Tebet, Jakarta, to be able to differentiate cysts and myomas can be made through ultrasonography (USG) four dimensions. 'Because, quite difficult to distinguish between them by conventional examination,' he said.

Boyke added, while cysts and uterine size grows, it needs special handling, such as laparoscopy and laparotomy removal action. 'This action is only recommended to women, the size of the cyst or miomanya above 5 inches, "said Boyke.

Although it was not known to cause the appearance of cysts or uterine, Mulyadi Tedjapranata stated that both benign tumors that can be avoided with the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and quality.

To avoid both diseases, the advice Boyke, it helps women reduce the intake of foods that can trigger the production of estrogen hormones, such as tofu and tempeh, or soy beans. 'It could stimulate the emergence of myomas,' said Boyke.

Other healthy lifestyle, said Mulyadi, reduce consumption of fatty foods and often consume a diet rich in fiber. Also, avoid giving additional substances in food. The most important is regular exercise. 'Habits of cigarettes and alcohol certainly must be stopped. If possible, also avoid stress, 'firmly Mulyadi.

Although only 0.1% of the total cases of these benign tumors that develop into malignant cancers, according to Martin, it is not impossible in the future will more and more women who develop cysts or myomas. 'If not prevented early on, cysts can grow so deadly ovarian cancer,' said he.

Currently, according to Martin, ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death in cases of gynecological diseases in the United States. In the land of Uncle Sam's, ovarian cancer is a disease that causes the death of five women after lung cancer, colorectal, breast, and pancreas.

Notes only, in the U.S., before 1998, cases of ovarian cancer in women aged below 50 years reached 5.3 per 100,000 cases. This number continues to increase every year. In 1998 41.4 per 100,000 recorded merudi concerns affecting women over 50 years.

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