Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Grammy Awards 2011Various Hair Styles

There are several types of hair that looks at some of the artist at the Grammy Awards this year. Long straight, wave, and red.

The Grammy Awards is an event for the conferment of the most prestigious musical personality. However, no matter which musical talents are appreciated in the event of this kind. How celebrities show their style to dress up any appointment will contribute to their identity. For us, they show trends that could be a cheat and knowledge of what trends are loved. Here are in some hair styles of the artists who attended the Grammy Awards 2011 which took place at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA, February 13th, 2011 ago:

Super long hair extensions
Very long hair seems to be a celebrity favorite. Among them: Ciara, who appeared with long hair straight up to the buttocks and was given a little touch of curl at the bottom. Similar to Ciara, Jennifer Hudson also dress the hair with super style long and straight. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez, chose her long hair more volume and given accent throw on the side bangs.

Texture Curls and waves
Jada Pinkett-Smith appear to be different with the hair style is curly hair gives the impression of volume and height. Kim Kardashian gave the impression sexy with long black hair which was wavy texture. While Jenna Ushkowitz, actress Tina on the television series 'Glee' prettify the usual hair long straight curly style style beach girls.

Reportedly, in 2011 this trend will disemarakkan with bright colors. Several artists are already using bright colors. Not only in fashion, but also in hair. For example, Rihanna who some time ago appeared very stunning with curly red afro, but at the Grammys, he chose was shoulder-length hair is styled sweet and feminine. While Hayley Williams of Paramore band using bright-red color with a thick piece and cover the forehead bangs framing his face.


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