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Men, here's 5 Things You Should Know About Women Breast

Breasts are one of the crown for the Eve. Parts of the body this one is a sexual organ that became an obsession of men.

Not a few of them stunned, intrigued or surreptitiously view just to look at him. While women are protected and only a few are willing to show part of the crown.

But behind the beauty of its form, many men do not understand this about the sexual organs. Men also do not understand about women's perceptions about the body part that became the pride.

Well, to uncover the truth, female sexuality experts conducted a survey of about 700 women. Here are some important findings that should be known the Adam to want to understand and better appreciate these women's crown.

1. Breast is the charm

Three quarters of women who were included in the survey agreed that the interest of men in women's breast is not harmful. Seventy percent of women assume most men spellbound by the charm of this one organ.

But of course, this does not mean he can go around treating or ridiculing a woman's breasts. "It's really no excuse if you are not polite or continue stare on it," said Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a sex researcher from Indiana University's Kinsey Institute.

Therefore, keep civility. If you like, it is enough to enjoy its beauty in person. Fixed respect the woman in public, because it has become a liability man every woman appreciates.

2. Women are more loving breasts

Most women look at breasts as sexual identity, is more than just a fashion accessory or other body part. Approximately 62 percent of women would rather prefer to open the top of their bodies rather than the bottom, and 78 percent of women claim to prefer the position of woman-on-top because they can show off her breasts during sex.

Women also often take advantage of his crown as an advantage. As many as 87 percent of those surveyed considered that the women who make "efforts to show off" her breasts get preferential treatment.

3. Women can be very problematic with her breasts

When a girl grew up, there are emotional factors related to breast growth. In fact, changes in the breast can also be a very complicated issue. On average, women experience a change in breast size up to six times as an adult.

Monthly menstrual cycle, contraceptive pill, weight changes, pregnancy and lactation are the factors that influence the shape, size and feeling the Eve of the breast.

"The sexiest thing to wear a woman is using her confidence. If he feels less confident, help him to feel more comfortable with her body, "says Elisabeth Squires, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls.

4. In bed, he did not know anything

Herbenick states, the Adam usually make two mistakes in treating these women's crown. "Men tend to touch it as they enjoy the touch (usually a smooth or rough), or they do it the way he never liked the couple before," he said

In fact, women do not always liked it that way. "Every woman has different feelings about her breasts," said Dr. Logan Levkoff sexologists author of How to Teach Them to Become Sexually Healthy Adults.

Logan had a trick to overcome it: Every time the couple took off her bra in front of you, forget all your memory before the breast. It was even useful for you who are paired for years. Start with a way to pretend, as if you've never seen it.

"You learn and learn again how a person sighing, moaning and screaming when you touch it. You will never get stuck in old routines, "said Herbenick.

5. Breast strengthen the emotional bond

"Breast is not always about sex," says Levkoff, "and when you know it, the women would really appreciate it."

Levkoff notice, men should learn to take advantage of an intimate moment with a couple no-frills sex. For example, when you're relaxing with your partner while watching TV. "Laid his head on his chest to give him the maternal strength in you," says Levkoff.

Another tip: If she complained of pain in her breasts, try to offer yourself to massage. But again, do it in a way nonsexual.

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