Sunday, April 03, 2011

10 Clothing And Accessories Must be Owned by a Woman

Continuous following fashion trends that always changing, there would be exhausting. Yet without the need for appropriate style trends, we can still look stylish with a classic style that never outdated. For that, there are 10 fashion items that must be owned by a woman.

1. Black trousers. With it, we can wear a shirt and blazer to go to the office. If combined with blouses and girly accessories, we ready to go out with the him. Black trousers worn with well deserved T-shirt to relax.

2. Black high heels. Similarly, black pants, high heels can be worn for formal and casual events. Select a newfangled stiletto or a simple platform with a closed toe sections. Shoes with another color or open toe model you may have after this must have shoes.

3. White shirt. This shirt is like a canvas that is ready to accept nuance makeup and hair just about anything. He is also very flexible with time and the official / least activity. With the same white shirt, we can forge-matching jacket, blazer, vest, or a scarf.

4. Black blazer. In addition to warm the body, blazers "smoothed" appearance. Can be used for office affairs with subordinates pencil skirt, can also use the roads with a subordinate jeans skirt. Choose a blazer that fits in the body size, not tight. Blazer is too small to reveal a bulge of fat and looks messy.

5. Dark blue jeans. Dark blue or indigo not only make the body look slimmer, but also easily combined with other color-matching. Generally seemed relaxed with a T-shirt, but can also be glamorous to the next grade when combined with leather jacket, fur collar jackets, or gold and silver jewelry.

6. Sweaters and cardigans. Cardigan sweater and a touch of sweet and 'Effortless' on any clothing style. In addition worn over shirts, cardigans could also cover up mini dress, cocktail dress lace-thin or no laces. While giving the impression of feminine sweaters and tough all at once. Both are easily matched with skirts or pants whatever.

7. The right underwear. Although not visible, but when underwear was wrong, how we look also will look less unsightly. Have at least a white bra for your boss is white, black strapless dress for black, sports bra for exercising and nude color if you want to wear clothing made from dreamy like lace. Have also a G-string or thong for tight pants or a dress that stuck to the body to avoid a panty line appearance in a "disturbing".

8. Little black dress. Black dress is always classic, elegant and easy to blend and match with accessories.

9. Sunglasses. Sunglasses are the main accessory to get the impression of celebrity with easy. Want aviator models such as Sarah Jessica Parker imposed or model a la Paris Hilton grasshopper, which is important to adjust the shape of your face. When in doubt, ask mom or closest friends who can rely on his advice when shopping for sunglasses. With quality sunglasses, casual look of jeans and T-shirts directly into the style.

10. Classical stylish handbag. You should set aside money to buy a quality handbag with the classic model. Qualified; genuine leather which certainly durable with a neat stitches. Not be branded, but with one look just does not look cheap. As an alternative to leather, canvas material was allowed. Select a clean classic model of weird details or the trendy. Box or trapezoidal shape is the best choice.

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