Monday, April 25, 2011

We love you Justin, Thank you for Treating our Fever to you with Extraordinary Concert

Justin Bieber grand concert event in Indonesia has just passed. Justin Bieber fever in the country is also a little relieved with a concert full of hysteria in the SICC, Bogor, on Saturday (04/23/2011) night.

The audience that the average age of young children and teenagers, have started coming to the concert venue from the morning even though the concert had just been conducted at night. Ticket prices are quite expensive seems no effect on the fans love Justin Bieber, to keep watching this concert.

Remarkable phenomenon occurred in Justin's concert in Indonesia, so the room filled with the audience by using a purple shirt, a color that is Justin's favorite color.

Justin's appearance last night was very fascinating and entertaining thousands of fans in attendance.

I was including 1 of the millions of Indonesia's population who's sad because I could not go see this concert Justin, delay in seeking the ticket was very influential to get tickets to this concert. Merely a collection of these photos that can treat this sense of sadness in my heart.

Although my heart lingered in sadness and disappointed not to directly watch this grand event, but I tried to high-minded and be grateful, because this concert to take place successfully and safely. Thank you Justin, we love you, we are always waiting for you to come and entertain us again in Indonesia.

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napstereveiro said...

yeaahhh... :D

Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

ane kurang justin sob..hehe.. salam kenal ja ya..

salam blogger

hendraiueo said...

mantab sob :)
kunjungi blog saya :)

utuy-semrawut said...

pertamax gan'!!!

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