Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Get Shiny Hair

We may only have some results in our vision and we keep on dreaming to achieve them without really knowing the pathway to reach it. For example, we may have been aspiring to get that shiny and silky hair, which are often displayed as "precious possessions" of beautiful models in TV commercials. And some of us even show a great deal of interest to buy and use those publicized hair care products which promise to bring magical results. Sometimes it works while at other times, we only lose our money and may be, some piles of hair as well. The fact is that, different hair textures will require different treatments and it is your responsibility to match products with your own individual needs.

Modify Your Product Choices on the Basis of Your Hair Texture

  • If Your Hair is Fine: A shampoo containing wheat proteins and polymers will go well with fine hair. These ingredients form a coating on hair, thereby bestowing it a thicker appearance. You may also bring some spray volumizers into use. The fine droplets will give your hair a light shimmer.
  • If Your Hair is Normal: Shampoos with silk amino acids are the best options to add shine to normal hair. The amino acids add softness to the hair while repairing the hair structure. Lecithin is responsible for restoring the hair texture. You may also apply gels and creams to add some shimmer to your hair. Take some quantity in your palm, rub your hands against each other and apply the product on your hair by way of a gentle patting.
  • If Your Hair is Thick and Coarse: Coarse hair needs to be moisturized well. The use of pomades will add moisture to your hair while making it shiny and silky.

Tips to Add Shine to Your Hair

  • Use a shampoo which gets activated by hot water.
  • Condition your hair deeply for at least once a week.
  • Refrain from using skin care products to a greater extent as the chemicals present in them may damage your hair.
  • If your hair color is red or brown, then add a few tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the water which you'll be using to rinse your hair.
  • Strawberry hair masks also add luster to your hair. Crush eight strawberries and mix with one tablespoon mayonnaise. Wet your hair and massage this mixture. Wear a shower cap and cover with a warm towel. After some time, wash off with a shampoo and then apply a conditioner.
  • If you have blonde hair, then you can make it shiny by adding a few tablespoon of lemon juice to the rinse water.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water. After you are done with your shampooing, just pour the solution through your hair. Do not wash off. Let your hair dry up normally.

Behind every result, there has to be some effort. If you think that you can shine like a celebrity, then you'll need to put proper effort behind it. Getting shiny hair through hereditary connections is more of a chance and hence, all are not privileged to get this for "free". Work on these tips and wait for results to come.

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