Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seven Secret Ways to Stay Young

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Seven Secret Ways to Stay Young

Many people complain about their skin and face which seem older than their real age. To cope with the problem, there are 7 secret ways in order to remain ageless.

Always feel happy
Feeling happy is one of the main key in order to remain to be seen ageless. In every activity, try to do just what you want to do. Avoid stress, guilty feeling and oppressed because of other people coercion. Remember, what you are feeling can be seen on your face. If you are happy, your face will be seen alight and relaxed. If you are seen like this, you will look younger than your real age.

Playing sport is also one of ways to be ageless. You can do jogging, fast-walk, cycling and swimming at least 30 minutes every day. By doing sport, the risk of heart attack, osteoporosis and cancer can be evaded. Doing sport regulary can make muscles more flexible, strengthen bones, and reduce stress. It is because body cells get more oxygen, so you will have a good sleep.

Consume Vitamin C
You can obtain vitamin C from fresh fruits (especially orange), green vegetables (brocoli and others) or vitamin C tablet 1000 mg a day. Vitamin C is proven to be enable to enhance body immune, lessen the risk of cancer, and protect the body against pollution effect. Despitefully, drink more fresh water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of fresh water every day will lessen stress, protect your skin fressness, and smoothen the activities of body organ.

Use UV protector
Sunshine is one of main factors causes ageing, consequencely, always use moisturizer lotion regulary everyday, especially when you will go travelling. This will make your skin remain fresh, damp and unburned by sunshine, particulary ultra violet ray (UV).

Enough Rest
Man needs at least 8 hour everyday to sleep. Enough resting is usefull to avoid eye poke forming, skin wrinkles and tired face.

Be careful with your Appearance
Your appearance also plays an important role. Although your age get along in years, be careful with your cosmetic. Use your make-up thinly in order to look natural and don't forget to use it according to your skin type.

Try to become optimism in any ways, because it will make your life healthier and happier. If you are pessimist, you will forget your appearance and your face will look tired and unshine.

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