Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Not To Be Vegetarian?

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Why Not To Be Vegetarian?

Recently there is a new trend of life among international society, especially youth people, in the case of food consumption. They prefer vegetables to meat. According to them, consuming meat is similar with putting into the body food additives, seed of diseases and dangerous hormone.

Dangeorus diseases that threaten meat consumer are:
- aviant influenza
- madness ox
- cholesterol
- gout
- heart disease
- stroke
- embolism
- anthrax, etc.

Research from Loma Linda University USA shows that there are some superiorities for whom like consuming vegetables.
- Vegetarian lives 5 years more.
- The health of heart is protected.
- The body will slim.
- Poisonous contents in the body will be cleared.
- the body will be protected from contamination
- you will be prevented from disease contaminated through food.
- your bone will be stronger.
- you will defecate smoothly.

It is estimated that nearly 95% peptisida residue of our food come from meat, fish and other animal products.

Many people think that consuming only vegetables will cause people loss of power, easily ill, and even it can make someone stupid. However, technology shows that vegetables do not have any connection with those.

These are false thoughts by people who prefer meat to vegetable and some arguments about it:

Myth: the protein of meat is better than other any foods.
Fact: Comparing with palawaija, cheese and nut, meat categorizes as middle-protein food, i.e 25%.

Myth: We will have adequate protein just only by consuming meat.
Fact: If meat and fish are replaced by well-planned vegetation menu, we can have enough amount of protein every day (53g - 58g)

Myth: Meat is the only source of vitamin and mineral salt.
Fact: Apart from vitamin B12, vegetation food contains 11 kinds of vitamin and many mineral salt, even their amounts are greater than meat. Furthermore, meat is not the only source of vitamin B12, because we can find the vitamin in milk and fermented soybean cake (in Indonesia = tempe).

Myth: meat protein is the highest-valued protein than any other protein.

Myth: Vegetation protein is lack of one or some kinds of essential amino acid, so vegetation protein is not as good as meat protein.
Fact: It is true that some vegetation protein are lack of one or more essential amino acids, but by consuming together some kinds of vegetables in one plate, the need of 8 kinds of essential amino acid will be satiable.

Myth: Vegetation food is lack of taste, comparing with meat.
Fact: Meat can be acquired from at least 5 kind of slaughtered livestocks. Whereas vegetation menu consist of 40 - 50 kind of green vegetable, 24 kinds of nut, 20 kinds of fruit, 12 kinds of sereal and 9 kinds of grains. Thereby, their taste, colour and types can be highly varied.

Myth: Vegetation food contains a big number of carbohydrate compare with meat, so it can make someone overweight.
Fact: it is true that vegetable has many carbohydrate, but it does not have fat oil as many as meat. The amount of calorie produced by fat oil (1 g produces 9 kkal) is more than carbohydrate (1 g produces 4 kkal). Whereas the body rarely needs much calorie. The waste calories then is converted into pile of fat in the body and becomes the main cause of obesity.

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