Friday, July 17, 2009

4 Simple Tips For Hair Setting

Technically, 'setting' is the process of adding body, volume and shape to your unhappy hair. Before you hit the salon, it's best to test your own styling genius first. It's not that hard to tame an unruly head of hair with all the 'help' you can make use of nowadays.

Tip1: The Traditional Way

How can you create waves and curls on your hair without the help of hair gels? Do it the traditional way, with your old comb, a few rollers and a hair blower. If you can make use of a round brush for your styling, then the results would be so much better.

Here's what you can do: use the round brush to part the different sections of the hair until you're satisfied. After dividing the hair into different sections, use the rollers to begin the setting of the hair. The drying portion of this procedure will give your hair the shape you desire. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

Tip2: How to Get Softer, Curvier Hair?

If you feel that your hair feels to stiff, you can implement a two-phase 'attack' plan on your unruly hair. The first step is shampooing. Use an organic, penetrating shampoo to make your hair much, much softer. Why does this work? First, dry hair does not respond to hair gel that well.

This is why quite often; people who apply hair gels to dry hair end up with a 'helmet effect', where the hair gel binds the hairs on the very top of the head, but not those near the scalp itself. The effect is a very awkward, very stiff head of hair.

Tip3: Note on Teasing the Hair

Salons usually make use of the term 'teasing' to refer to a rapid combing of the hair and until its ends. This teasing process is amplified by volume-giving hair care products (like hair clays) and a lot of blow-drying. Having your hair teased once, a year is alright, but having it done every week is quite harmful.

Let's analyze why frequent teasing is harmful for the human hair. First, the rapid combing destroys the cuticular scale formations on the hair. These keratin scales allow the hair to absorb moisture from the environment and add stability to the hair shafts. Combing irregularly damages these scales and unfortunately, these keratin formations do not repair themselves.

The damage from frequents teasing is permanent. The effect might manifest itself immediately, but if you have been undergoing teasing for a long time, in five years time your hair might look more frayed than it should be.

Are the keratin scales simply bent? Actually, the keratin scales are removed by irregular combing strokes. When these scales come off, your hair would become more susceptible to damage from wind, rain and sun.

Tip4: How to Avoid Hair Damage?

If you still like your frequent visits to the salon, you can tell your stylist to be gentler with your hair. This applies especially to women who are in their fifties. Hair during this period of a person's life is more fragile, so stylists should be gentler with what they do.

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