Friday, July 17, 2009

Best Methods For Permanently Removing Hair

There are many different ways of removing hair, some temporary and some permanent. Lots of people shave, pluck and wax without realizing that by doing this they will actually stimulate hair growth! Now there are many advanced treatments available that can vastly reduce hair growth.

If you suffer from thick dark hair in any area laser hair removal is a treatment that will remove the hair permanently. This is suitable for both men and women and works by the laser emitting a broad spectrum of light directly into the hair follicle. The light energy turns to heat energy and damages or destroys the hair follicle resulting in permanent reduction in hair.

Areas that can be treated include faces, chests, backs, legs, bikini and underarms plus many more. People with dark course hair generally achieve better results and the laser will pick up the pigment in the hair much easier. People with fairer hair will still get results but usually need more treatments. Six to ten sessions are normally recommended with 4-6 week intervals depending on the area being treated.

There is also a new treatment for the removal of unwanted fine downy hair. Alkaline wash will remove hair from any area of the body and is particularly effective on fine downy hair. Color is not an issue and results depend on the texture of the hair. Alkaline wash turns the PH of the skin and hair from 5.5 to 12 resulting in the hair follicles being damaged. This is a pain free and effective way of removing unwanted fine downy hair and usually results in permanent hair loss over a period of time.

Another effective hair removal treatment is advanced electrolysis, which results in permanent hair removal and is particularly effective on grey, stubborn and strong hair. This is a safe and comfortable method and gets effective results. Tissue destruction is caused at the base of the follicle which weakens the hair inhibiting the growth.

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