Monday, July 06, 2009

Awesome Home Pedicure

Here you will find all the tips and tricks to give yourself an incredible pedicure right in your own home! No need to pay a fortune at a luxury spa. Get all your girlfriends together and prepare to have some fun! Be sure to read the entire article carefully, as there are a lot of great tips inside.

1. The first step is to make sure your toenails are free of any old nail polish. Take cotton balls that are saturated with nail polish remover, and remover any leftover nail polish. Be sure to use the least amount of nail polish possible, since it can be very drying.

2. Next, make sure your toenails are cut and filed. The file has two sides: the rough side is for filing down the nail, and the other side of to smooth the nail. Make sure to always file in one direction and from the outside in. Don't file like you're sawing something!

3. Put your feet in warm water for ten minutes or more. There are many things you could add to the water. I would recommend sea salt. Other popular choices are lemon juice, vinegar, or fragrant oils. The point of this is to soften dead skin cells that are on your feet. Afterward, remember to dry your feet entirely.

4. Scrub your toenails with lemon juice using a cotton ball. This will remove any yellowing that might have accumulated.

5. Use a pumice stone to scrape off any hard or dead skin. Also push down your cuticles with an orange stick or cotton balls. I would recommend doing this using either vitamin E oil or sweet almond oil.

6. Put plain white yogurt on top of your toes and leave it on for at least five minutes. The lactic acid found in yogurt will make them soft and clean them deeply. Not to mention it feels fantastic!

7. Rinse your feet off with cool water, and rub in a foot lotion after they dry. Be sure it is a nourishing lotion made for feet.

8. Your toenails are ready to be painted, so go ahead and paint them your favorite color! Also, pat yourself on the back for having saved yourself a lot of money by not going to the salon!

Here are some great ideas to make your pedicure party a real hit!

• Play some soothing music in the background.
• Buy some incense to burn during the session.
• Have some comfortable chairs to sit on for the duration of the pedicure.

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