Monday, July 06, 2009

Know All About Spas and the Most Popular Brazilian Wax

Your local day spa can be a wonderfully indulgent retreat center. They are home to many self pampering experiences, including massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. They are also great places to have your bikini area shorn and beach ready.

The Brazilian Wax procedure, which obviously began in Brazil, has become quite popular with women of all ages. There are many styles and some are downright creative.

A common type of waxing is of the traditional "bikini line" variety. This is where most of the pubic hair is left intact except for the areas along the inner thighs and above a bathing suit line, thus the name "bikini wax".

Another type is the Brazilian Waxing method where all hair is removed except for a small amount in the frontal pubic area. There are designs such as a stripe, or a circle, or a small square. There is even a design which looks like a small heart.

One type, which is a bit more daring, is a Hollywood Wax. This is where all hair is removed and one's private parts sport completely hairless skin nudity. Some find this extremely comfortable, attractive and there are even claims that it makes one's sex life better. Who knows? It's all in the opinion of the beholder.

If you are considering having a Brazilian Waxing method, or any wax design method applied to your more private and sensitive parts, you'll want to select the appropriate place. The number one way to predict the quality of a spa experience is to ask around. Friend to friend, word of mouth, is always the best way to get the real scoop on the most fantastic places in your town.

Another way is to check out the reviews in your community newspapers or magazines. Most cities publish some sort of "Best Of" list that would give your some customer reviews.

Checking with the local licensing officials to see if places you are considering have any complaints against them is also a good way to find out about a spa's track record. Make sure the person you would be going to has a license and is experienced in the tricky procedure.

When you've selected the place, ask the management about their employees' amount of training, experience in that field of body work. Ask for their spa worker most seasoned in this technique. You might even want to meet your technician first to get a feel for what their technique is like.

Good luck and happy waxing!

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