Friday, July 17, 2009

Does Your Vagina Smell? Here Are the Major Reasons Why You Have That Fishy Smell

All women encounter vaginal odor at least once in their life. Ever wondered what causes this awful odor that makes you restless in public. Fragrance is loved by all, but an odor that too from vagina can only make people run away from you. Also, women whose vagina stinks are known to be unhygienic. If you are still unsure about what causes your vagina to stink read on.

Here are 7 reasons why your vagina smells.

Improper hygiene ranks first in the list of reasons causing vaginal odor. Not keeping your vagina clean and dry will result in bacterial infection and eventually result in the unbearable odor.

Bacterial infection is one of most common reasons why your vagina smells. Yeast infection is again the outcome of improper hygiene. This can cause strong odor that is noticeable in public or when in company.

Wearing tight panties that do not let in air are also known to cause the odor. Synthetic panties are known to hold on the smell making it even stronger.

Many women are prone to excessive sweating. The sweat that gathers in and around the vagina can lead to an odor. Sweat also leads to the formation of vaginal infections which is another cause of the odor. Wearing sweat pads can solve the problem.

Improper ph level in the vagina can also lead to the odor. Many women tend to wash their vagina with scented products that takes away the ph level. Imbalance in the ph level is another major cause of vaginal odor.

Not changing the sanitary napkins and tampons frequently also leads to the foul smell. Not following high level of hygiene during the menstrual cycle leads to the fishy smell.

Leaving your vagina wet after bath or after visiting the wash room causes foul smell. It also serves as the breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to yeast infection.

So, henceforth make it a point to take care of your vagina just the way you take care of your face. Keep it clean and say goodbye to the odor.

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