Saturday, August 08, 2009

Award Friendship

Twice a day !!! Wow what a wonderful moment. Another award came from my best blogger, c-Lan. He Had this award from diary osi.

This award is very different from another awards, because osi wrote it, well it's in Indonesian, but it's very-very touched my heart. Here are the meanings of Osi's Poems in English

Thanks my friends
Your present is has meaning into my life
You bring a beauty, following me into darkness
Because you are one of a thousand gods and goddesses who play in my lonely
Together with the earth and I will remain surrounding you, with the utmost love in my heart

If only I knew you earlier
Our togetherness is not begin now
Not for me
Not for somebody
But for our friendship

Because I want
This friendship will continue
Until someday, you and I will probably go far.
Only this space be will be our memory and for the world
Despite only a room "Illusion in the World"
Let time prove to the world of friendship that we have indeed ... And that's real

Thanks Friends
I love you all

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1 komentar:

Osi said...

Terimakasih atas di terimanya award dari saya...

Bahasa Inggris saya kurang begitu bagus...
Boleh saya minta untuk saya letakkan
di posting saya,agar sahabat luar Indonesia
Dapat mengerti maksud puisi saya...

Terimakasih sebelumnya

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