Saturday, August 08, 2009

Housewife or Carriers Woman?

As a mother we are often faced the two choices between become housewives for the family or a career woman for self-actualization. Whatever your choice, all have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider carefully. For mommies who are still confused determining of choice, following several reasons that may be useful for you in making decisions

9 Reasons for Selecting Being Housewife

The requirement to stop working from familie
Having a very flexible time for family
Children need the presence of her mother's house

Not like the job
Husband's revenue has sufficient
Places of work away from home, feeling tired and costs are equal to the salary

Not like tied or set-set of others
Conditions the child that is not possible handed to another person. For example, child is sick or sickly-contract certain diseases.
For health reasons alone, because the responsibility of the job responsibilities as well as households who need health fit.

9 Reasons for Choosing a Career Woman

Education levels, unfortunately if not used.
Parents want you to work.
Husband's revenues has not sufficient
Work is self-actualization and socialization
Have financial freedom, should not depend entirely on the husband.
To support the needs of their own, for example, ask for help from the family without a husband.
Working to make you feel valued.Children's and husband's pride if you work.
Working to increase the insight, which will ultimately improve the quality of care patterns of children

Between the 2 options above, where the most part with the condition
Mommies at this time? The rest, discussed this issue with the pair before making a decision, so there is no regret in the future.

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