Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You Mr. Big for Rockin' Us Again After 13 Years

Finally, after 13 years, Mr. Big Rockin' again in Indonesia @ Java Rockin' Land on August, 8th, their last performance in Indonesia was on 1996.

"Hello Jakarta, We're missing you," says Eric, seems that 13 years is to long for them not Rockin' @ Indonesia.

In the middle of the bomb and the travel warning, not an obstacle for the band, known as the song "To Be With You" in the 90's to give their best.

Mr. Big appeared with their personnel Paul Gilbert (Guitar), Eric Martin (Vocal), Billy Sheehan (Bass) and Pat Torpey (Drum). Twilight age barrier is not likely for Mr. Big to appear completely in the Java Rockin Land, Saturday (8 / 8) night.

16 songs successfully bring them to the maximum in front of thousands of fans @ the Carnival Beach, Ancol, the songs such as, Tinted, Alive & Kickin, Colorado Building, Wild World, Just Take My Heart, and also To Be With You.

At the end of their performance, Eric also said "Terima Kasih" or Thank You, for all fans in Indonesia.

Well Mr. Big, once again Thank You, we're missing you too. For all of artists, musicians, from all over the world, Mr. Big dare to come in Indonesia, how about you?

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Berry Devanda said...

Mr. big, thanks ti rockin Indonesia Again

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