Sunday, August 23, 2009

Benefits of Coffee

If you're coffee lover like me, there is good news.

If coffee only known as a friend for being awake all night long because of caffeine, now may be time for you to know the benefits behind coffee. A scientific research done by the experts in the United States said that coffee probably provide large positive effect for health is greater than the consume fruits and vegetables

Scientists calculate the actual number of anti-oxidant (oxygen radical element of anti-free) at more than 100 types of food including vegetables, fruits, nuts, various spices, oils and beverages. Detection results are then combined with data on the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the contribution of each type of eating pattern for the average in the United States.

Coffee evidently a source of anti-oxidant of times, and each level of consumption, which was then followed by black tea, bananas, dry beans, and corn.

"People in the United States get anti-oxidant of coffee consumption compared to the type of food or drink other and so far there is no type of food or drink that coffee rival," said the head of the research team Professor Joe Vison of Scranton University in Pennsylvania.

Both coffee with caffeine or caffeine-free has good donations to provide both anti-oxidant same level. Agency Mintel market observers recorded the behavior drinking coffee in the UK that the level of coffee consumption is lower than in the United States, there were only 47 percent of British people who regularly drink coffee or instant coffee powder.

Anti-oxidant help body removing oxygen-radical substances harmful to the body, destructive molecules that damage cells and DNA (blue print of the smallest cell organism). Oxygen free radical anti-element is associated with a number of advantages and benefits, including protecting the health of someone affected by cancer or heart disease.

Results of research is showing coffee may reduce the risk of infected liver and intestinal cancer, type II diabetes and Parkinson disease affected. However, Vinson suggested that coffee consumption remains at current levels, namely one or two cups each day.

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