Wednesday, December 23, 2009

4 Foods Preventing Wrinkles

The signs of premature aging that you can actually see in their late 20s. The reason is, lack of body treatments, and eating less healthy. In fact, to get the skin remains supple, smooth, and free of wrinkles, there is an easy and inexpensive. Change your food intake with a variety of these foods. You'll even get other health benefits, in addition to skin!

1. Eat a colorful diet every 4 - 5 hours. While growing age, the natural antioxidant protection in your skin decreases. Therefore, protect skin from wrinkles by eating foods rich in colors such as fruits and vegetables. No need to worry about running out of ideas about what to eat, because the source of antioxidant nutrients there are hundreds of them. The most important are vitamin C (as in tomatoes, citrus fruit, kiwi fruit), vitamin E (nuts and avocados), polyphenols (natural cocoa and berries), quercetin (onion-bawangan and broccoli) and carotenoids ( green vegetables, sweet potatoes, and bright orange vegetables, etc.).

2. Drink more. One of the first side effects of dehydration is the loss of skin elasticity, which later became the main cause of wrinkles lines. How much water should you / create every day, of course you already know. If you do not much like white water, replace with green tea, low-fat milk or fat-free, or the occasional coffee. Fruits and vegetables also contain essentially fluid, which is why they can become wilted. Add antiaging potential of these foods to serve the soup with the broth for lunch or dinner. At breakfast, add the menu smoothies made with almonds, soy, or low-fat milk and fruit juices without sugar.

3. Get your 30% calories from protein. Passing through 30 years of age, muscle mass will decline approximately 3 - 8% per decade, causing you to feel the power and ability to burn calories, begin to decrease. To anticipate this you need to change the way of life, with regular strength training. Some studies say that the animal protein intake higher will help protect the muscles in women aged over 50 years. Protein is also key to ward off fatigue, maintain blood sugar levels, and support the improvement and growth of new cells. Try to get 30% of daily caloric needs of healthy protein sources like lean meat, poultry, seafood, legumes, dairy products fat-free or low-fat, and soy-based foods.

4. Do not forget the whole wheat. Keep up the completed whole grains contain antioxidants. Brown rice, bulgur wheat species, farro, millet, quinoa, and oats, are a few choices. You can present this wheat as a simple menu, or mixed with other food ingredients. With whole grains, you'll get a taste of a better, more fiber and more nutrients antiaging early.

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