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9 Ways to Take Care Vagina

To be able to appear confident, even intimate areas must be maintained. Is there anything we can do to take care of our intimate areas?

By the day of marriage, women often perform a variety of treatments in order to perform excellent inside and out. But after a marriage for many years, self-care is often forgotten. Avocation is often referred to as the reason for lack of time to do so. Yet no matter how busy, we need to take the time to take care of themselves. One should do is to treat the female sex. This treatment not only aims to pamper yourself, but also your spouse happy.

What should be done?
Each month, women who were menstruating productive age. It has even less savory smells emanating from the area during the menstrual period or after. One attempt to dispel the odor is to use a special cleaning fluid with very low pH, which is about 3.5 to 4.5. Thus, as described by Elizabeth G. Stewart, MD, and Paula Spencer in The V Book, vaginal acidity higher. Acidic conditions in the vagina is necessary guarded to prevent entry of bacteria from the outside.

Here are 9 ways to maintain the health of the vagina:

1. Some women have the habit of doing douching (cleaning the vagina by using a specific tool) after the menstrual period. The reason? In order to get out the dirty blood during menstruation can be cleaned up. In fact, menstruation is actually a natural process that is not dirty. Should do douching on the recommendation of a doctor. One clean, even can kill good bacteria that actually needed the vagina.

2. Avoid the habit of using the perfume in intimate areas. This includes when we choose a thin pads (pants liners). Now many find pants liners accompanied by fragrances, to keep the smell of intimate areas of our womanhood. Possible reactions that may occur after the irritation or allergy. For owners of sensitive skin, avoid using liquid fabric softener when washing clothes in the clothes. We recommend using a mild soap and scent free.

3. Do not use pants liners throughout the day. Even if you diligently replace it, this resulted in irritation in the vagina. If the liquid coming out of intimate areas of your femininity is very excessive, immediately visit a medical specialist and genital skin.

4. Let's not easy to change pads. Use a pants liner on the "last second" menstrual period. At least replace the pads, pants liners or tampons every 4 hours. After urinating, you should also replace the pads.

5. Indonesia climatic conditions damp, make us easy to sweat. Blisters in the area around the vagina normal attrition occurs. To prevent this, we often give powder shotgun. Should from now on do not give powder in intimate areas. Soft powder particles get into the vagina and the cause of cervical cancer.

6. To appear slender from the outside, many women choose clothes in a very tight. Beware, this can cause fungus to multiply in your intimate area. Let's not too often dressed in a super tight. Choose underwear made of materials that easily absorb sweat.

7. Wash with mild soap. Never rub the area around the vagina with a loofah or body brush.

8. Perform safe sex. That is, take a look if your partner is suffering from venereal diseases such as herpes or something else. In the case of some couples, the husband did not realize that they are experiencing these dangerous diseases.

9. Check regularly contraception.

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