Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skin Color Shows Your Health Levels

Blood and oxygen flow to the heart and the skin showed the lungs working optimally. This can be obtained by eating healthy foods.

Researchers from the University of Bristol and St. Andrews in the UK found that someone's skin color is not only defines how attractive they are, but also how their health status. From this color, we can see how healthy food choices and activities undertaken.

A study published in Springer's International Journal of Primatology, using special computer equipment for 54 people watched the Caucasian race, male and female. Skin color of the respondents and then manipulated to look healthy by increasing red hue, yellow, and brightness of the skin.

"If before people talked about the texture of the skin, was the most decisive characteristic is skin color," says Dr. Ian Stephen, who headed the research at the University of Bristol. "Initially we were interested in the research we do and show, the blood levels and maximal oxygen in the skin will result in the perception of health."

This is what then makes Stephen and his team even more curious, where the skin pigment that affect it.

Principally, the skin of blood and oxygen flowing through the heart and showed the lungs working optimally. For people who smoke, have diabetes, and suffered a heart condition, have blood flow very little in the skin. This is what then makes the skin color fading.

The red and yellow hues, referring to the amount of carotenoid pigment that we eat from the fruit and vegetables. These pigments are rich in antioxidants that the body is used as a source of strength to resist various diseases and free radicals. It is also common in birds and fish are rich in carotenoids food. The researchers believe the same thing also happened in the human body's biological mechanisms.

"If this many people during sunbathing to make brown skin, we really need to do is eat healthy foods," said Stephen. Even Stephen believes, eating healthy foods will provide more leverage effect.

For it turns out, melanin, the pigment that makes our skin has dark brown skin will be exposed when the sun hit. But most of us just use whitening cosmetics to make skin look brighter. "And with a healthy diet, skin brightness more awake," said Prof. David Perrett, head of the University of St. laboratories. Andrews.

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